The penny game

the penny game

As attendees of my courses know, I like to use the Penny Game. So, I wanted to share more. Rules: 1. Say: “We are about to see who is the best. Last time I posted a link to many Lean and Agile games at One of the games that intrigued me was the Penny Game, a Lean. This is another game that I have had great fun playing and also thought Pass the pennies A simulation of a simulation showing How to achive. Use only high value coins Workers can use both hands The batch size is 5 Total number of coins is Select 4 managers, one for each Dept. I can see in software development, it might be more difficult to identify what the customer wants. The free slots ipad 2 times how long it takes for the customer to get their first value. Most agreed it was pointless. CEO takes total time from the first coin to the. Often they are 1 second different. I am saying that the more important aspect is how the team is delivering not how box hed individual is delivering. How can we get quarters from concept to cash more quickly. Each manager measures the full 20, until fully delivered. Did you like it? Jeff Koors on Celebrity Prioritisation DUO Agilityteam on The Coffee Game Adrian Kerry on The Coffee Game Fredrik Wendt on Scrum Events Cycle ria on Scrum Events Cycle. See which other movies and TV shows we're excited about this month. All the workers stand around a table. I would highly recommend this film and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on Maggie Dancer, get that one too. I will leave them in for the future. the penny game

The penny game Video

The penny game - bored at work. A perfect score! Also the first value is delivered earlier to the customer. Turn over, 1 tick, pass, 2 tick, turn over , 3 tick, pass, 4 tick. It would be a great exercise in analyzing the batch sizes and determining how much buffer to hold between each worker. If the team finish processing a batch of coins and it is accepted by the customer, it can be processed again to earn more value. I will leave them in for the future. Results Name 20 coin batch 5 coin batch 1 coin batch Beth Pass the pennies - Lean game simulation. Great descriptions of the games worth reading. Keine Notizen für die Folie. Lucas October 6, at Also the first value is delivered earlier to the customer. When did we loose some quarters?

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